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About MyPawrent

We are currently a FREE app based organisation that promotes the adoption of animals. Our app operates abit like Tinder but for matching owners with potential pets. We use AI technology to match you with a list of your perfect companions that you could potentially adopt. This includes personality traits, breed, age, size. Rescue centres need us! We aim to partner with a wide range of animal shelters focusing in the UK and promote rehoming of all animals – big and small.


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Why adopt ?

Statistics from PFMA show that there are approximately 1.5 million animals adopted each year in the United Kingdom. That’s a massive figure. It means that thousands of people are searching for a new best friend every day.

Adoption is the best way to save an animal’s life. It also helps take pressure off animal shelters and allow more room for the many other animals waiting for their home.

There are many animals in shelters that are looking for loving homes. Some of them are purebreds. But most of them are mixed breeds or strays. Animal shelters work hard to make sure that every animal they put up for adoption is healthy and friendly.

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